2019, January 25.
San Marcos District Plan Draft

2018, April 12.
Hwy 14 Senior-Community Center - 1st Quarterly Report of 2018

2016, June 16.
Draft of new Animal Control Ordinance
2016, May 3. 2016 San Marcos District Community Plan Update

2014, May 18.
Statement to Santa Fe County Growth Management Dept on the Proposed Zoning Map: Ordinance 2013-6 Sustainable Land Development Code

2013, March 2. Flyer for meetings to
comment on new Animal Control Ordinance

2013, March 1. Walter Wait’s
comments on cat control in the Animal Control Ordinance

2012, December 5. Draft of new Animal Control Ordinance:
Animal Control Ordinance

2012, March 12. Report to the NM 14 Citizens Advisory Committee (pro bono):
Site Inspection concerning Record of Agreement and current Maintenance Issues

2012, February 21. Family Transfer?
A Cautionary Tale

2012, February 12. Flowchart,
Process Study

2012, February 12. Flowchart,
Minor Subdivision Plat

2012, February 12. Flowchart,
Family Transfer Application

2012, February 2. Santa Fe County District 3 is seeking membership for the Santa Fe County Health Policy and Planning Commission (HPPC). Anyone interested in representing District 3 should read
this document.

2012, February 1. Anent legal issues,
Terrain Management Code Amendments 11/18/94

2012, January 9. Walter says: “
I've attached my comments (so far) on the first four draft chapters of the County Code.  Comments are in red.”

2011, November 22. Walter writes, “
This is something a little different.   It's the United Communities 2010 response to the County's proposed ‘governance’ chapter.  The comments are just as valid now as they were then and may help some folks to better consider the code development process.”

2011, November 16. Walter Wait attended the Land Use Code Zoning Meeting and filed
this report.